BullyFreeBC (BFBC) is a member-funded non-profit organization, active since 2007, advocating workplace safety, harassment-free communities, and shared respect for rights in British Columbia.

MissionBullyFreeBC is dedicated to eliminating harassment, bullying, and abuse in BC.

Vision – BC enjoys international social and economic advantages through high standards for safety enforcement, civil conduct, and collaboration between diverse parties.

Values – Respect. Accountability. Honesty. Compassion. Justice.

Areas of Activity

  • Educating the public about bullying
  • Conducting research into bullying
  • Managing projects and developing programs to address bullying
  • Consulting with various levels of government regarding anti-bullying legislation
  • Assisting government, companies, professional regulators, and the non-profit sector to develop anti-bullying policies
  • Working with other groups and individuals to carry out the above purposes

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Starfish – Pacific Blood Star (Henricia leviuscula) – Project Noah photo, Tofino, June 2013.

Operations: BullyFreeBC is unaffiliated and acts independently as a membership network, using law reform, education, and projects to engage in anti-bullying initiatives.

Projects are initiated and led by members with support from other members and BFBC organizers.

BFBC MEMBERSHIP: $25 annually (January to December).

For more information or to receive a membership application form, email: info@bullyfreebc.ca.

Top photo credit: Destination BC, Pacific Rim National Park, Photographer – Marilyn McEwen