BullyFreeBC – Plans for growth in 2018

Starting next month, BullyFreeBC is launching a three part series of articles for September, October, and November to discuss current programming and explore new ground for 2018.

September will feature the world of work in British Columbia, from the start of BFBC anti-bullying and harassment programming in 2008 to next steps for the Workplace Recommendations project launched in conjunction with the 2017 provincial election campaign. (Details are in the May 4th post.)

In October, BFBC shifts focus to look at challenges to fairness and safety for older people, especially newcomers to Canada and people with disabilities such as dementia who are dependent on others for their quality of life and vulnerable to abuse which is difficult to detect and address.

November will be all about the kids. BullyFreeBC is looking at what children in BC need from us and the world in order to have a good childhood, a solid education, and opportunities for success in life. BFBC can help by making sure that young people and their families know about their rights and the rights of others.

The launch of these initiatives for seniors and kids as well as workers is part of a growth plan for BullyFreeBC, as the organizers and the membership collaborate in fulfilling our mandate to address bullying and harassment in BC.

To participate, contact info@bullyfreebc.ca for information on becoming a member of the BullyFreeBC Society.

BFBC Workplace Recommendations – For the 2017 BC Election

The BullyFreeBC Society recently wrote to candidates in each constituency to ask them to consider a set of recommendations to improve employment conditions and supports in the workplace.

For BC and each region …

  1. Anti-harassment programs – to protect and assist workers, especially those in marginalized groups, who are experiencing discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace.
  2. Local job initiatives – to help people bridge work gaps and career shifts, and avoid entrenched unemployment or precarious employment, while addressing regional service needs.
  3. Employment-focused training – to offer everyone who experiences job insecurity the retraining and up-skilling required to maintain long-term economic stability.
  4. A provincial plan for registration & regulation of workplace training providers – to establish a framework for employment-based adult education services across the province.
  5. Co-ordination between self-regulating professions – to ensure high standards for conduct, professional development, and complaint management, and to maintain focus on serving the needs of the general public.

Responses will be posted as they arrive.

Hello world!

Welcome to the BullyFreeBC Society, which registered as a provincial non-profit in 2011.

As written in the Constitution, the purposes of the Society are:

  • to consult with various levels of government regarding anti-bullying legislation;
  • to assist government, companies and non-profit organizations to develop anti-bullying policies;
  • to educate the public about bullying;
  • to conduct research into bullying; and
  • to work with other groups to carry out the above purposes.

The Board of Directors:

  • Diane Rodgers (President)
  • Michelle Bell
  • Robyn Durling

BullyFreeBC is not a charity, and is funded by membership fees.

For more information contact info@bullyfreebc.ca.

Media enquiries: RobynDurling@gmail.com